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Ch Optimus Major JW
Ch Filand Man Of Harlech At Cadenham
Cadenham Blonde Beau

My Boy!.....

What this dog didn't have.... I didn't want.
To me he had everything a bullmastiff should be in size, substance and type. His show record of 11 CC's and Top Bullmastiff 1999 is a testimony to his qualities.
He was the First Bullmastiff to achieve the JW title under the revised Kennel Club rules and represented the breed at the showcase final held at Earls Court Discover Dogs. He was a son from my foundation bitch Cadenham Blonde Beau and Ch Filand Man of Harlech at Cadenham.
Although no longer with us, he is still very much in my thoughts of what a Bullmastiff should be.

Pedigree - Ch Optimus Major JW

Ch Optimus Major JW

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