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The World Of Bullmastiffs  - Bas Bosch - BBPress

The World Of Bullmastiffs 2016, 2017 & 2018

The very popular collectors item and seventh edition of "The World of Bullmastiffs", covering the worldwide interest in the breed during 2016, 17 and 18, will be published by Bas Bosch at BBPress this coming winter.
Prominent breed enthusiasts from around the world will bring you an update of what was happening in the Bullmastiff community in their country. In an increasingly faster and smaller world, “The World of Bullmastiffs” is a colourful reference, essential for true devotees of the breed. The World of Bullmastiffs brings you all the aspects which make it such a colourful reference, with facts, figures and photographs about breed clubs, events, champions and other important dogs. In principle every champion will be honoured by a full colour photograph and a three-generation pedigree, for free.
There will also be in-depth articles about subjects such as breeding, type, history, standard, art, law and health, as well as extensive interviews with top breed enthusiasts. All this will be covered in approximately 350 pages.

UK Correspondent - Book Orders & Adverts

Once again I am the UK correspondent for the book and will be gathering the images and pedigrees for the dogs that became UK Champions during 2016, 17 & 18. I will also be taking advanced orders for books and collecting your images and text if you wish to place an advert in the book.

For further information please Contact me for details, or click here to read more about the latest book.

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Peter Myers